Track Sheet


  • Song Title: Arrival
  • Performed by: Yak
  • Written By: Clifton "CJ" Hallock
  • Produced By: Unknown Instrumentalz


But maybe I'm faded I know that I'm hatedTill death due us part & you're headed to the basement

I hear the beat, then I hit em up till I hit the top

like I’m Pac I’mma break into the game and take ya spot

I was sent here by the greatest L told me I’d make it

If Pac & Big had bumped my shit, I’m better than Drake is

But maybe I’m faded I know that I’m hated

Till death due us part & you’re headed to the basement

This is L.O. Lions Order

Nine lives in my mind when I go to sort em

Like I’m on my Negan flow you need to know I’m bout to bust some heads

You mumble on the mic all night it’s like I’m watchin Walking Dead

& that’s enough of that it’s time for me to dedicate

& declorate that 2020 is the year I’ll make it

I’mma do what I gotta do, hustle till I fuckin bleed

Fight through the bullshit crawlin on my hands & knees

This is dedicated to the ones that never made it

To the inner circle of greatness because you always hated

Now you’re fadin away in the rear view

You’re Judas, no one is left to hear you

So your fear do dances in your brain untill there’s nothing left

You’re runnin from yourself so much you’re runnin out of breath