CJ Hallock started writing rap songs with his childhood friend Eric ██████ in 5th grade. It started with the two of them doing the talent show in music class performing Kriss Kross’ song “Warm It Up”

After the talent show, Eric asked CJ if he thought he could write a rap. That night the journey began.

Over the years CJ continued to work on his craft. He saw his first success with a Winterfresh commercial in 2001. 

cj hallock

CJ expanded his passions through time and eventually started his journey in marketing. This led him to walk away from music for a while. In 2011, his dad passed away and after fighting with inner depression he walked away from music.

In 2016, CJ decided to open up and start working on music again. He officially released his first complete album “Studio Therapy” as S-Lock in January of 2019 with the first track that included two of his alter-egos.

He recorded his first track as three different characters. S-Lock, Poison Pen, and Yak.